Meet the Genie! 

The Genie will guide you through IN-QUAL's online training materials for entrepreneurship education providers and point you to the best resources to support your quality improvement efforts. After asking a few questions on the resources available to your institution, the genie will draft a personalised learning path highlighting the most recommended resources for your specific needs.

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Time investment

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How much time can you invest in improving your quality management system? How much time do you have to make a plan, how much time can you invest on a daily basis and for how long are willing to continue such investment?

Human Resources

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Are you planning to involve other staff members in this quality improvement initiative? If yes, how many? And how often would they be able to help?

Economic investment

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Are you open to investing money in a quality improvement initiative or would you rather work with your available resources?

Major concern / interest

If you had to categorise one of the answers above as absolutely non-negotiable, which one would it be?