2.1 - Connecting entrepreneurship education with the policy system


As Quality Manager, you need to check within your organization that the VET training courses that
you are providing are in compliance with the European Entrepreneurial Policy System. The
development of entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens and organizations is one of the key
policy of the EU and the Member States since 2003, from the European Green Paper on
Entrepreneurship in Europe
to the present-day policy production of the Entrepreneurship
Competence framework
(Joint Research Centre), also known as the EntreComp and the
Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2020.

Why is this important for you as a QM?

  • To work towards the same methodology and to use the same definitions as the other organizations in Europe as there is still no consensus on what the distinctive elements of entrepreneurship as a competence are;
  • To participate in the development of a culture of quality entrepreneurship in Europe;
  • To have a shared definition of the learning outcomes for EE as the main driver for the development of entrepreneurial learning in Europe (EntreComp);
  • To establish a bridge between the world of education and work in compliance with the other Member States offering opportunity for mobilities and recognition of learning outcomes;
  • To reform VET curriculum in EE in compliance with the most important EU policy documents about EE to favour the employability of EU citizens;
  • To design practical, high quality entrepreneurship experiences in non-formal contests of education (such as mobilities or work based learning activities);

How should I implement the action?

  • The first thing that you need to do its to find the reference policies about Entrepreneurship Education both at local and European Level;
  • At a European Level, you can start having a deep look at the following Policy Reports: European Green Paper on Entrepreneurship, EntreComp, The Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.
  • You actually may take part in working groups or community of experts to get support and exchange good practices about EE such as eTwinningSchool Education Gateway, ET2020 Working Group on Vocational Education and Training, Bantani education (and much more at card 3.5!);
  • Once that you have a clear idea about the overall policy contexts, have a look at the mission and the vision of your organization; are they in compliance with the policy contests? Or do they need to be adjusted?
  • Once you have designed a training programme within your organization, please keep in mind that you should develop your training plan in accordance with the policy contests you are in;
  • In the training plan, be sure that a good needs assessment is undertaken and that learning objectives are set according to the local and European policy contest. For instance, developing a training plan about EE which does not share the same set of competences identified in the EntreComp will distance your organization form quality standards and recognition of learning outcomes by formal educational organizations;
  • Once you are developing your VET educational offer, you can exchange good practices within your network and develop shared training activities and programmes (ex. Joint programme on green entrepreneurship).

How should I know if I have made an impact thus increasing the quality of the VET provision and to which extent?

  • Your organization has done the quality check of monitoring whether they are in compliance with the European and local policy frameworks regarding EE;
  • Your educational programmes are designed taking into consideration the working documents of the European Commission, Joint Research centres and local educational authorities?
  • Did you get any positive feedback from the experts of the groups you belong to?

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