Finance & Banking, Organisational & HR development Association (EFFEBI Association) is a non-profit organization set up in 1978. Since its foundation it has been a reference point for people involved HR management and development and organizational models, mainly for the banking & financial sector. Members of the Association are the leading Italian Banking groups and medium/small Banks. At international level, EFFEBI is a funder member of EBTN (European Banking and Financial Services Training Association) composed by 24 European Full-Members and 19 Associate Members from different world countries active in the Financial and Services Sector and is actively involved in its activities. At European level, EFFEBI is member of EfVET a European-wide network and platform for practitioners in VET and Lifelong Learning providing connections to important stakeholders in the EU and beyond. It is composed by more than 1500 VET providers coming from more than 27 different EU countries. Finally, at national level, EFFEBI is Member of FEDERMANAGEMENT (the Italian Federation of Management’s Associations) composed by 7 Full-Members and 6 Associate Members active in different sectors (e.g. Consultancy, Digital and Technological innovation, Quality Assurance, Education and Training, etc.).

The Association keeps significant relationships with other Institutions, Associations, Universities, Schools, Enterprises and Organisations active in the field of HR Management and Development. In 2012 Effebi Association has also established the Centre for Research and European Studies (CRESfb) to promote studies and research related to the development of HR and training in the FSS, both at national and European level. The Centre is supported by Experts and Professionals, in collaboration with Universities. Among its aims there is the promotion of the European dimension in vocational and training though the designing of professional qualifications in line with the principles of EQF, ECVET and EQAVET. The Association releases also a quarterly review «FB-BANCA in FORMAZIONE».