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Implementing Quality Assurance in Entrepreneurship education: a training course for the Quality Manager

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The course aims to support administrators, project managers, trainers and quality managers to acquire and/or improve their knowledge and skills about the development of a Quality Approach to Entrepreneurial education according to the EQAVET criteria.

Indeed, the project goal is to imprint quality in entrepreneurship education providing a set of tools and strategic documents for the Vocational Education Provides and establish a methodology for implanting Quality Assurance to the latest approaches of EQAVET policies. 


Unit 1 - Introduction

The Quality Manager can distinguish among the most important concepts and definitions in related to Quality Assurance and EQAVET mechanism in Entrepreneurial education.


Unit 1 Actions Cards

Unit 2 - Planning

The QM can set up clear, appropriate and measurable goals and objectives in terms of policies, procedures, tasks and human resources.


Unit 2 Action Cards

Unit 3 - Implementing

The quality manager can establish procedures to ensure the achievements of goals and objectives.


Unit 3 Actions Cards

Unit 5 - Review

The QM can develop procedures in order to achieve targeted outcomes/objectives. After processing the feedbacks, key stakeholders conduct discussion and analysis in order to devise procedures.


Unit 5 Actions Cards