Baseline Report

The Baseline Reports analyse the state of the art of quality assurance mechanisms in five countries (namely Belgium, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal). More specifically, the Reports focus on the following issues:

  • Legal framework and definition of entrepreneurship education in each national context;
  • National provisions, legislation, rules for the implementation of EQAVET criteria and indicators on QA mechanisms applied by CEVT providers;
  • Availability of existing training material/tools for the implementation of quality assurance in entrepreneurship education.

Read the EU Baseline Report!

Common Reference Framework

The Common Reference Framework is the result of the adaptation of the tools set by EQAVET official procedures to the reality of entrepreneurship education, and is meant to help future Quality Managers in understanding, initiating, planning, executing and controlling a quality assurance strategy.

The Common Reference Framework includes:

  • A glossary;
  • Standard principles;
  • Practices for the effective engagement of the providers and staff as a whole;
  • Tools to establish a strategy to reach the most appropriate stakeholders;
  • Tools and methodologies for the implementation of a quality assurance strategy.

Read the Common Reference Framework!


The Guidelines aim to provide an easy, accessible, hands-on solution to VET providers seeking to implement EQAVET standards in their institutions. The Guidelines follow a bottom-up approach in that they are created in direct cooperation with entrepreneurship education providers to the benefit of other entrepreneurship education providers. The Guidelines aim to facilitate awareness-raising about the EQAVET Framework and to create a competitive context, setting up quality standards for VET programmes that will impact on the sectoral training offers and activities.

Read the Guidelines and check the associated infographic

Training Programme and “Strategy Genie”

The training programme for Quality Managers is conceptualised in a way to clearly express the knowledge, competences and skills that the Quality Manager will possess at the end of the training period. The learning process is complemented by an online platform conceived as a “genie”, intended to work as a truly interactive system which avoids the traditional training delivery approach and seeks to favour user’s motivation and curiosity.

Policy Recommendations

The Recommendations are based on the data, observations and feedback collected throughout the project and aim to support VET providers in the implementation of the tools and resources produced.


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