The IN-QUAL project is the result of a European partnership committed to

  • Supporting entrepreneurship education providers in the improvement of their quality management systems;
  • Promoting an EU-wide culture of quality based on EQAVET standards.

Over the past year we have conducted extensive research in quality management for VET/EE providers and we have distilled the results into an online training course for Quality Managers.

Before making it available to the public, we would like to test it with 30 selected VET/EE institutions from 5 pilot countries: Belgium, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Interested in joining the project? Here’s how to do it!

How to express your interest:

Simply get in touch with the project representative for your country:

How the process will work:

  • Together with the project representative for your country, agree on a shared course of action also taking into account current Covid-related restrictions and possible future developments;
  • Appoint one or two Quality Managers as person(s) in charge of the entire process, who will then proceed to:
    • Register to the online platform, take the initial assessment test and read through the recommended Action Cards (testing);
    • Provide feedback on the learning experience to the IN-QUAL consortium through the assessment questionnaire provided (assessment);
    • Based on one or more Action Cards, draft a quality improvement action plan and implement it in your VET/EE institution (implementation);
    • Provide a second round of feedback to let us know if the course helped you improve the quality of your VET/EE provision, based on the questionnaire provided (review).


How the course is structured:

The online course is structured around the four phases of a quality improvement cycle (PDCA cycle) and is composed of 5 modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation
  4. Check
  5. Review

The 5 modules comprise a total of 28 Action Cards, short 30-minutes blocks designed to be easily implemented in a VET/EE institution in order to improve its quality management system.

The Quality Manager can read through the Action Cards at their own pace. No formal assessment of the competences acquired is foreseen at the end: the best test for our Action Cards is in their usability in a real-life context.

Any questions?

Get in touch with the contact person indicated above!


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